Download Fortnite for Windows PC

Download Fortnite for Windows PC

Download Fortnite for Windows PC (win 7, win XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10) desktop devices. Now if you guys have been loving players unknown battleground and you will love Fortnite especially if you are a third-person type of guy. Fortnite is a free-to-play game that has that cartoony battlefield heroes type of feel mixed in with the hundred player PvE mode.

Now what is unique about Fortnite is that you can build forts with resources you find, you can play Fornite solo or with a buddy or even a full squad of four.

So let’s get to the guide, now you are in the air wondering where you should land for the best new well it really doesn’t matter you can land in a town or near a few shacks and still receive the same type of weapons. If you are a guy that likes to get into the action right away then landing in a town will reward you with weapons pretty easily and the bundle will usually come with a lot of enemies too if you kill off a few enemies and the odds are they have some extra loot that you can pick up this can get you pretty looted up within the first few minutes of the game and send you off on a journey of less looting and more killing.

Now if you enjoy less of a chaotic start and want to gather resources and weapons in peace then you can land in areas with fewer buildings and more trees on the map but remember guys that you’ll find less action and fewer weapons.

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Download Fortnite for Windows PC

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