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Liferun is new creative mode of Fortnite

Fortnite is developed by Epic Games. It was launched on July 25, 2017. This is a game with the fighting feature in which players kill others while they have to save themselves from being killed. Red Cross that is an

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New Weapon, Sniper Packages and Fortbyte Updates from Fortnite

So what’s new on the Fortnite from these days? That’s exactly what we are going to tell you. The newest weapon, as of June 6, 2019, is “storm in a bottle.” It is great that no two matches are exactly

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How has Fortnite managed to stay relevant in a gaming world fueled by the need for constant change?

The answer may lie in its refreshing takes on how games are presented to the world. Fortnite, unlike competitors such as Player Unknowns Battleground, has brought a new perspective to the table. The app came readily equipped with an insane

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New Leaks Spice Up the Arrival of Fortnite Season 8

With fans around the globe awaiting the release of the viral game Fortnite season 8, many leaks and information about the upcoming game edition is strongly doing the rounds as players and game analysts are speculating about what season 8

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Fortnite Revives the Freeze Traps

In the past days, the popular game Fortnite finally introduced the sixth season to its fans all over the world which doesn’t only bring about some newly unique features but also promises to update the game’s current version with some

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Fortnite Cosplay: Ramirez vs Sash Sergeant

The Sash Sergeant Fortnite game skin is not seen as often as some of the other more popular skins. However, this is the one that a Fortnite player decided to create for cosplay. Sash Sergeant is depicted in Fortnite as

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Fortnite Fans Are Finally Getting their Funko Pop

This year has been full of quite the grand successes for the very popular game Fortnite and in order to expand its overall presence in domestic and international markets, the gaming brand is ready to bring about some new and

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Android Version of Fortnite for Samsung Note and Galaxy Series

The web world had been buzzing with rumours about the Android version of Fortnite not getting released to Google Play, and Epic Games has finally confirmed those reports. Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Fortnite has made it clear that when

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