How to Get Free Vbucks in Fortnite

How to Get Free Vbucks in Fortnite

In today’s article, I’m going to show you guys how to obtain V-Bucks, what they are and what they are used for and one of the best ways to actually get the V-Bucks to open as many hidden pinatas as you possibly can. So V-Bucks are currency within Fortnite which are short for vendor tech bucks, what they do is they allow you to purchase different loop from the pinatas.

So the question is how do you know Team V-Bucks and how are you able to get them without having to pay money because you can definitely go to the store and either purchase a thousand V-Bucks and you can even purchase a total of 6,000 V-Bucks plus a bonus of 1500 V-Bucks which will give you enough to purchase enough Lamas so you can be massively upgraded. So how do you obtain them and what do you need to do to actually get enough V-Bucks. To make things interesting so these are the best ways I found to actually get V-Bucks.

First and foremost you are definitely going to want to go ahead as do your daily quest the daily quests are actually pretty easy to do not too challenging and they’ll go ahead and reward it a total of 50 V-Bucks. You can do these every day and the quests are not that hard sometimes you just have to defer the offend a storm shield and to get the 50 V-Bucks or you know sometimes you just have to do very simple tasks on a daily quest and that would give you 50 V-Bucks every single day.

How to get V-Bucks

The next way you can get free V-Bucks is by completing the challenges; each challenge will give you the ability to earn 50 V-Bucks and that depending on how many challenges you have for that day or for that particular mission then you will be awarded the 50 V-Bucks.

The next one is completing major story quests now major story quests will give you a hundred V bucks for every major story questing there is a quest that you are able to do. To complete the story or the campaign within Fortnite and these will award you a hundred V-Bucks.

Now another cool thing I thought that is doing the storm shield defense. Now the social defense will reward you 100 V-Bucks, the cool thing about the storm shield defense is that if your friend is in storm shell defense or someone else is doing a special defense you are able to go over there and help them out and that will give you a hundred V-Bucks. So every time you do the storm shield defense that will go ahead and award you a hundred V-Bucks.

The next one is really cool and this one is actually pretty interesting because this will have a chance to award you 500 V-Bucks and the way you actually do this is by leveling up your collector’s book. Your collector’s book is a book that allows you to put anything that you have within your inventory into the collector’s book and that will automatically dismantle it and you know every time you kind of level up or hit a milestone and collect this book you will be not every single time but the majority time you hit a milestone it will award you about 500 V-Bucks. Now keep in mind if you are putting anything in the collector’s book make sure it’s something that’s either a repeat or something you don’t want because once you put it in there it will automatically be inaccessible.

I hope you have found this article informative on how to get free Vbucks on Fortnite.


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